Jyväskylä Summer School
Jyväskylä Summer School
Start06 August 2018
End17 August 2018

Experience the bright summer nights in Finland, boost up your academic knowledge during the summer break and make social connections and memories.

Summer School
Summer School "Space Technologies 2018"
Start23 July 2018
End05 August 2018

The summer school course "Space Technologies" is suitable for senior undergraduate and graduate students as the first space technology course or an add-on course. The program aims to provide advanced techniques of space engineering and understanding the core physics principles related to space exploration. Space industry problems are also considered during the program in addition to technology topics. The theoretical courses cover astrophysics, space technology and physics. Students will train their practical skills during a hackathon (a creative coding marathon) and an interactive business simulation workshop. The speakers are industry experts and scientists experienced in the field of space technology. 

6-hours intensive course of Survival Russian is also included into the syllabus.

Decatech – UPM summer school
Decatech – UPM summer school
Start25 June 2018
End27 July 2018

Five-week study abroad program combining academic and cultural components, bringing you some of the most trending tech topics with an extra flavor of Spanish language and culture in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities.

The program, with a total load of 120 teaching hours (nine credit-hours, 9CH), offers ten short courses covering trending tech topics, which are taught in English. Students have to select eight topics, accounting for a total of 80 teaching hours (6CH). The Spanish language course accounts for the remaining 40 teaching hours (3CH). It will be held in Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

2018 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Global Summer School
2018 Shanghai Jiao Tong University Global Summer School
Start23 April 2018
End01 May 2018

Yangyang from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, School of Aeronautics and Astronautics - Outlook of Future Technology in Aerospace Engineering - is now open for applications!

International Fair
International Fair "Education and Career"
Start23 March 2018
End24 March 2018

Since 2005 the International Fair "Education and Career" has been held twice a year in Saint Petersburg. "Education and Career" is a widely acknowledged, respected and largest event in educational life of Saint Petersburg and Nord of Russia, which is attended by students, language teachers, study abroad /travel agents, educational advisers, journalists and officials.