Decatech – UPM summer school

Start 25 June 2018 12:00
End 27 July 2018 12:00

Five-week study abroad program combining academic and cultural components, bringing you some of the most trending tech topics with an extra flavor of Spanish language and culture in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities.

The program, with a total load of 120 teaching hours (nine credit-hours, 9CH), offers ten short courses covering trending tech topics, which are taught in English. Students have to select eight topics, accounting for a total of 80 teaching hours (6CH). The Spanish language course accounts for the remaining 40 teaching hours (3CH). It will be held in Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

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Topics of courses:

  • Plant genomics
  • Smartcity
  • Nanotech
  • Electric cars
  • Drones
  • Cubesats
  • Cleantech
  • Cybersecurity
  • Biotech
  • Big data

The prise is 4000€, but due to long partnership of UPM and SPbSTU for 5 students from SPbSTU the price will be reduced downto 1500€!