Research Group «Radio-photonic»


Integrated optical modulator is a key element of thebroadband optical information systems, providing the translation of digital and analog information content to optical carrier. A new developed modulator configuration is of particular interest for the systems employing separate distant modulator. The use of translation format based on polarization modulation does not involve the operating point stabilization and additional power supply for the modulator electrodes, that is especially important for the distant modulator. The operating point demodulation takes place during demodulation.

Ultrahigh frequency electronics (radio photonics) is new developing field of modern telecommunication technology appeared as a result of optoelectronics and SHF radioelectronics. High frequency of optical carrier (~1015 Hz), huge transmission band of optical systems (more than 10 THz), low losses in optical waveguides (less than 0.5 dB/km) as well as stability to radiofrequency interference noise allows us to solve wide range of problems in modern broadband systems for telecommunication and radar complexes including development of high rate fiber-optic and wireless communication systems, active phased array antennas with large aperture, ultrahigh frequency signal filtration, and low-noise optoelectronic SHF generators.

Employment & Partners

Ioffe Institute, St.Petersburg;

International cooperation
Ensenada University, Mexico.