Research Group «Laser photometry and spectroscopy»


Research areas

  • Determination of nanoparticles sizes by a laser correlation spectroscopy method
    • Study of binding processes and reactions of biomolecules, in particular proteins
    • Research of nanoparticles as a part of ferromagnetic liquids under the influence of magnetic fields and at interaction with biological molecules for the purpose of further use in medicine
  • Definition of a surface and subsurface areas structure by methods of a polarimetry , diffractometry and light scattering
    • Non-invasive detection of neoplasms of a skin at early stage
    • Investigation of surface and internal nanostructure of molecular films and layers
    • Studying of self-organization processes in molecular films
  • Electrometry of macromolecules
    • Search of potentially perspective molecular films for biomolecular electronics
    • Creation of electron components prototypes on the base of biomolecules
  • Research of interactions of biomolecules by a fluorescence spectroscopy
    • Research of interactions in highly diluted with water solutions of biomolecules by a fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
    • Fluorescence spectroscopy for biomolecules dynamic investigation
  • Development of a blood flow dynamics sensor in a microcirculatory bloodstream on the basis of a speckle-interferometry
  • Creation of biosensors on the basis of a plasmon resonance