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Thermoelectric generators (TEG) are widely used in power supply devices for engine monitoring systems of aircraft, biomedical equipment, etc.


Modern technologies development is closely correlated with the search of new electrical energy sources, including so-called ‘green’ energy. In the conditions of energy saving, the design of energy harvesters for independent power supply of electrical and electronic systems is a topical and urgent task. One of the most perspective energy harvester types, based on converting energy resulting from temperature difference of the environment and heat source into ‘useful’ energy is a TEG. TEGs are widely used as primary (autonomous) energy sources in multiple practical applications with the required powers ranging from mW to W. The special factor stimulating TEG technology development is micro mechanical systems (MEMS) implementation.

Scientific and practical usefulness

This research project is aimed at design and manufacturing a thermoelectric generator, developing a technological route for microelectronic manufacturing of a thermoelectric generator, fabricating prototype samples of thermoelectric generators based on MEMS like technologies.

Resources and equipment

Clean rooms of ISO 5 type, equipped to carry out lithography, ion-beam sputtering, electrochemical deposition and etching (in cooperation with an industrial partner); ANSYS Workbench, Cadence Design Systems; Field-emission scanning electron microscopy (FE-SEM); Energy-dispersive X-ray-analysis (EDXS).


The project result is native technology of microelectronic fabrication of thermoelectric generators based on MEMS like technologies, namely:
― semiconductor structure development of thermoelectric generators based on MEMS technologies;
― parameter measurements (output power, optimal modes of electric current and power, temperature range);
― a technological route of thermoelectric generator fabrication based on MEMS like technologies;
― prototype samples of thermoelectric generators.

Employment & Partners

JSC «Avangard»;
JSC «Klimov»;
Leibnitz University Hannover, Germany;
Hamburg-Harburg University, Germany;
Czech Technical University, Prague, the Czech Republic.