IEEE BlackSeaCom 2019
Start04 June 2019
End07 June 2019
Sochi, Russia

The IEEE BlackSeaCom series of conferences are held in the countries surrounding the Black Sea. The goal of the IEEE BlackSeaCom is to bring together visionaries in academia, research labs and industry from all over the world to the shores of the Black Sea. Here they will address many of the outstanding grand challenges that exist in the areas of communications and networking while having an opportunity to explore this exciting and dynamic region that has a rich history.

Following the first six editions of the conference in Batumi, Georgia (2013), Chisinau, Moldova (2014, originally scheduled for Odessa, Ukraine), Constanta, Romania (2015), Varna, Bulgaria (2016), Istanbul, Turkey (2017), Batumi, Georgia (2018), the next edition will take place in Sochi, Russia in 2019.

International Conference on "Emerging Trends in Applied and Computational Physics 2019"
Start21 March 2019
End22 March 2019
Russia, 195251, St.Petersburg, Polytechnicheskaya, 29

International Conference "Emerging Trends in Applied and Computational Physics 2019" (ETACP-2019) is a conference that goals to bring together specialists in different fields of physics, nanoscience and applied mathematics for discussions on actual problems and major advances in physics and technologies. The conference is contributed to scientific exchange among researchers engaged in the fields of physics, development, and design of nanoelectronic and telecommunication devices, applied mathematics, signal processing, material science and nanotechnology.

XLII «Week of Science SPbPU»
Start19 November 2018
End24 November 2018
St.Petersburg, Polytechnicheskaya, 29

XLII «Week of Science SPbPU» – is an annual science and practical conference with an international participation for students, PhDs, and young researchers. This highly multidisciplinary conference allows fostering dialogue among scholars and practitioners belonging to various disciplines: energy, energy conservation, and ecology; new materials and technologies; the technology of living systems; IT technologies, etc. 

IEEE EExPolytech-2018: Electrical Engineering and Photonics
Start22 October 2018
End23 October 2018
Russia, 195251, St.Petersburg, Polytechnicheskaya, 29

2018 IEEE International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Photonics (EExPolytech-2018) is a conference that aims to bring together specialists in Electrical Engineering and Photonics. The topics cover diverse applications in technology fields such as imaging, communication, sensing, and instrumentation, as well as the sciences such as biology and medicine, chemistry and fundamental physics. The conference is designed for researchers to report on the latest findings on Electrical Engineering and Photonics and stimulate scientific exchange among researchers and engineers from industry and academia.

Joint international conference on astrophysics for young scientists
Start17 September 2018
End21 September 2018
Byurakan, Armenia

Second Joint International Conference on Astrophysics for Young Scientists is organized by Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University, the Russian-Armenian University and Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory. The Conference will take place in Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory, Byurakan, Armenia, September 17-21, 2018.